The art of being someone else

The brain has been described as the world’s most sophisticated computer. Every day we spend hours uploading information and processing new data without pausing to consider how it all works. Unlike other animals, our brains have… Continue reading

The Greatest Lie Ever Told

When John S Yudkin wrote Pure, White and Deadly in 1972, the book was met with great criticism from the food industry in general. His views, they said, were unsubstantiated and misleading, targeting a fairly innocuous substance… Continue reading

Quantum Leap

Are some people born positive? Certainly, judging by the example of athletes competing in the London 2012 Olympics, this would appear to be the case. In these individuals, there seems to be a natural aptitude to stay focused under… Continue reading

The God factor

So now they’ve discovered the particle that makes the Universe tic. Does this mean we’re one step closer to proving the existence of God? Probably not. While the scientists can go back to… Continue reading

Triathlon: Serious About Your Sport

Published by New Holland 25th May 2012


What do you write when there’s nothing there? When the well has dried up, and all you see before you is an arid desert, your poor, writer’s brain fried by the sun? Nothing,… Continue reading


Shekhar Kapur’s film Elizabeth, starring the hugely talented Cate Blanchett, opens with the burning of three heretics at the stake. As the woodpile is lit beneath them, a religious dignitary expresses his token wish… Continue reading


Saul Bellow made some interesting comments about the novel in an interview with The Paris Review. Literal truth versus artistic licence. ‘Literalism, factualism,’ he said. ‘will smother the imagination altogether.’ Do we, as… Continue reading

Triathlon – Serious About Your Sport

It isn’t every day you have a book published. Writing tends to be a lonely business, with the poor, unfortunate writer holed up in his garret room (yes, I know I’ve used that… Continue reading

Work in progress

Why do we put pen to paper, or index fingers to keypads, to record our thoughts for posterity? Seeing as the vast majority of writers will never experience publication in any wider context, why bother… Continue reading