Notes from the wood shed

You know what you want to say, but how do you find the right way to say it? Finding the voice is one of the many challenges in writing both fiction and non-fiction.… Continue reading

Fitness for the faint-hearted

The general population can be divided, roughly, into three categories: the fit, the unfit and the soon to stop breathing. Given that most of us fall into the last two, I thought it… Continue reading

Oh, the injustice….

Triathlon countdown. With about eight weeks to go, I developed dysentry and a racking cough that threatened to curtail my racing ambitions and lay me up in bed at home. My modest contribution to endurance… Continue reading

The Art of keeping your big mouth shut

You can think it, but you can’t say it. Well, that is unless you’re Frankie Boyle who says whatever the hell he likes and usually gets away with it. Most of us have to… Continue reading

My World

Alice Cooper’s Blue Turk, Christopher Hitchens on the freedom of speech, new unbeatable Persil, my favourite jeans, gallons of coffee, Sam Peckinpah movies on a Saturday night, Great White sharks, R.E.M. It’s the… Continue reading

Did you enjoy your meal, Sir?

Why do the English accept such dilatory and unsatisfactory service in pubs and restaurants when they have every right to complain? Think about that wonderful scene in Fawlty Towers when the American guest… Continue reading

Sorry, the lifeboats are full

I wasn’t on the Titanic but, boy, do I know that sinking feeling. The gestation period for my second novel is over. By now, well into the third rewrite, I should be flying.… Continue reading

The most brutal pastime known to man

I’ve just returned from sixty minutes on a medieval torture device called a pushbike. This unforgiving piece of machinery (I’ve fondly nicknamed ‘the Rack’) must rank as the most uncomfortable form of transport known to… Continue reading

The song is over

The second draft of my second novel is finished. My favourite blue pen has been laid to rest in the third drawer of my desk, overlooking a trout stream and weeping willows and will remain there… Continue reading


No – not the kind you’re thinking. The above acronym is known in sporting circles as long slow distance and refers to extended training workouts at a low intensity. The experts claim these… Continue reading