Keith Talent

Of all the anti-heroes in modern literature, Keith Talent has to be the best. He plays darts, drinks beer and watches pornography, secure in the knowledge that life is too short to work and pay… Continue reading

Duncan … I’m in!

I’ve just finished Duncan Bannatyne’s book Anyone Can Do It. His central premise is simple. You set yourself a goal and work ceaselessly towards it. In Duncan’s case, the goal was to become a millionaire… Continue reading

Life is …

Life is … Learning to live with doubt, anger, frustration, despair, lethargy, vindictiveness, disappointment, inadequacy, failure, envy, greed and … People

Here lies a man…

Sebastian Faulks didn’t fire a single shot during World War One. In fact, the lad hadn’t even been born. And yet he managed to dramatise the event with such authority that critics were astounded. But… Continue reading

The Last Word

The book is dead. Word on the street is the pillars have fallen. The humble bookseller -beloved of previous generations – is no more, crushed by the advancing wheels of technology. What’s next – a world of… Continue reading

Life on Mars

The scientists have declared that God is dead. And after decades of painstaking investigation, they’ve concluded that the only thing out there worthy of note is … dark matter. Now, most of us… Continue reading

Enter Title Here

The titles are usually no problem. It’s the content that fazes me. When you’re tired and your eyes have taken a battering from the harsh glare of the laptop, there’s a dearth of… Continue reading

Blogging in outer space

I sit alone in an empty room, assisted by the gentle hum of the fridge and the passing of traffic. No, this isn’t the opening of a novel but the poor excuse for… Continue reading

Black and White

The Stranglers made the greatest concept album of all back in 1978, called … you guessed it – Black and White. But, hey, that’s not the subject of this post. I’m talking movies… Continue reading

When the well runs dry

Many writers believe in writer’s block, that strange virus that creeps up on you while you’re sleeping and steals your creativity. I’m not all that convinced. The average human processes thousands of thoughts per… Continue reading