Blogging with Eskimos

‘Here I am, pen frozen in hand, trying to write letters in a snowdrift. The last time I received any correspondence from home, the starving dogs outside my tent had eaten the last… Continue reading

Typical Aries!

If you happen to believe in star signs, ponder this for a moment … Taureans subscribing to the western branch of astrology (tropical), are in for a shock. The Vedic school (sidereal) informs us that most of them are… Continue reading

Happy New Yawn…

I’m too old for nightclubs, too cynical for cable TV, and too greedy to lose weight in this lifetime or however many it takes to reach enlightenment. But I can wish all my… Continue reading

Time off for good behaviour

Holiday … it would be so nice! Why stop when you’re on a roll? Surely the thing to do is to milk the cow while the going’s good? But experience proves that, whatever… Continue reading

Mining gems from the Cesspool

Writing is perhaps the most beguiling of art forms. In fiction, for instance, we tend to avoid the more unpalatable facts of our existence and settle for a glossy approximation instead. We allude to these depths without… Continue reading

Derek and Clive

‘All right, love, you can come out of the cubicle…’ So begins a wonderfully anarchic sketch from the late Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, as their alter egos Derek and Clive. Their first album Derek… Continue reading

I am Spartacus

Imagine how excited I was to find the esteemed film director Martin Scorsese following me on Twitter. But, wait … was this the Great Man himself or an imposter? Sadly, it would appear… Continue reading

The Big One

Ever tried to turn off the noise in your head? Try it for five minutes. Sit on a chair in a room with no external distraction and wait … The first thing you’ll… Continue reading

Fried Bread, Sausage and Baked Beans.

Having trouble losing that stubborn midriff?  Join the club – so am I! Why is it that everything bad tastes so good? I only have to glimpse a jam doughnut in the cake shop window and… Continue reading

Live hard, die young

When Kurt Cobain died on 5 April 1994, his mother was reputed to have said ‘Now he’s gone and joined that stupid club.’  She was referring to the earlier brace of talent struck… Continue reading